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United Apollo is an Independent Global Healthcare Solutions company specialized in providing,

  • Highest quality healthcare services to our Customers (every Patient, every encounter).

  • State of the art healthcare technology.

  • Healthcare equipment and Pandemic products bringing better diagnostics, screening, and patient interaction through Robotics & AI.


  • Non-emergent blood and blood component transfusions

  • Whole Blood transfusion (PRBC)

  • Platelet transfusion

  • Fresh Frozen Plasma Transfusion

Non-Emergent Blood and Blood Component Transfusions can be safely done right at your patient’s bedside, allowing your patients to avoid the high costs associated with multiple transfers and hospital admissions

“United Apollo was the first to patent - out of hospital blood transfusion procedure model”

Woman Donating Blood
Senior Therapy


It is our passion and commitment to put patients and their families first. United Hospice has a “team” approach to Hospice Care.

Our “team” approach blankets the patient in services, at their home, including and not limited to, a Superior Nurse Team, Home Health Aides, Social Workers, Spiritual Counseling, Bereavement Planning and Services, Grief Counseling, and Volunteer Support.

United Hospice is the first Hospice to offer Telehealth Services. We offer a 24/7 Live Call Center giving our patients care and support whenever they need it, our patients are never alone.


Care Connect provides the patient, their family, and medical staff a personalized and effective communication hub utilizing state of the art voice recognition technology.

Connect software supports

Alexa or similar devices to monitor clinical care and help patients in each room/ home/ nursing homes get access to their provider or their family.

  • Setup a temporary virtual hospital room in the patient’s home.

  • Links ambulatory surgery center to temporary hospital unit at home.

  • Configure/staff a physician-led/ nurse-powered medical command center – enabled and made safer via software supportive IP tools.

  • Configure a unique network of clinical/ non-clinical services, medications, equipment, and supplies to patient's home.

  • Amplify patient engagements and outcomes.

Doctor Using Digital Tablet


  • 3M 1860 Mask

  • 3 Ply Type IIR Surgical Face Mask

  • N95 Respirator Masks

  • KN95 Protective Mask FFP2

  • Eye Protection

  • Head Covers

  • Gloves

  • Feat Covers

  • Gloves/Suits

  • Sanitiser

  • Infrared Thermometers​

  • Disposable sample collector

  • Diagnostic Kit

  • Nucleic Acid Amplification and Detection Analyzer

  • Detection Kit

  • VG70 Ventilator



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